Packing for a weekend sailing

Her’s my thoughts and tips for what to bring and how to prepare for a weekend sailing trip. Mostly it’s applicable to Dutch weather and conditions.

  • Sleeping bag - Usually the boat that we rent has a heating system, but no bedding. I found the best option to sleep is in a sleeping bag. Choose one that has a comfort temperature of 10-15 degrees. Personally, I use a compact sleeping bag that works from -5 till 25 degrees.
  • Gloves - As you are on a sailing boat, you will need to deal with ropes in addition to stearing in cold wind. So don’t forget to take gloves. Better if you will take few - in case there will be rain and the first pair will be wet. I carry a sailing gloves with cutted fingers and a snowboarding gloves.
  • Scarf, hat - As there will be cold wind, it’s nice to have something to protect your neck. I prefer Buff.
  • Fleece top
  • Waterproofs - It can rain, and also you can get a splash of water. I use a light Gore-tex jacket if it’s warm and havy rains, or a snowboarding jacket if it’s colder and not so often rains.
  • Deck shoes / sailing boots or white-soled trainers (preferably non slip) - Or just any comfortable shoes that will not leave marks on a boat’s plastic.
  • Thick socks - Better few
  • Multiple thin layers, thermo base layer - A nice thing to have for protection from cold.
  • Sun cream & sun glasses - Even in Holland in cold weather you can get a face sun burn :)
  • Towel & washing stuff - I use a microfiber towel. Also bring few 1-Euro coins for showers.
  • 2nd pans (jeans)
  • Phone charger (12V from car)

In addition, don’t forget to bring money, passport and medicine (+ anti flue stuff)

And remember, staying warm and dry will keep you happy in any weather conditions!