Weekend Sailing: Stavooren and Frisland

Weekend Sailing: Stavooren and Frisland

It was a nice and sunny weekend, so we decided to go for a nice sailing trip from Enkhuizen to Frisland side of the Ijsselmeer. So we took a Bavaria 40 and sailed out at evening from Enkhuizen to Stavooren, arriving at 3:30 in a morning.

Evening sailing

And while there was not much wind during the weekend, while crew was playing the Munchkin

Crew playing Munchkin

I’ve made a butterfly sailing for running on the wind, with polling out the jib using a hook and few ropes.

Butterfly sailing

Jib pole with hook

So her’s what we visited so far:



With a realy nice harbour, wine shop and relaxed people around


Wine shop

Hammock on a boat


Trying to get thru the racing boys and girls on Optimists, Lasers and other small crafts

Workum harbor entrance


And of course we experienced an amazing sunset

Sunset while sailing