Packing for April sailing

by Serge

Here are some details on what you should take along and expect from the trip. Also including basic stuff for the ones who have not sailed before.


“April does what it wants” - goes a Dutch saying. This means that we can get different types of weather. And we will be adjusting the program/schedule according to it. If cold/rainy it’s important that you have good clothes to stay warm/dry.

What to take along to the trip

  • Sailing suit (if you have one). If not - take a water/windproof suit and trousers. If you don’t have them - it’s wise to rent a suit for the case of rain. Let me know and we will arrange it for you. (I will post some details separately later).
  • Clothes: warm underwear, sturdy jeans, pullover, warm socks, cap(s), gloves (if you have sailing or fitness gloves - bring them along!).
  • Shoes: preferably with rubber sole of a light color (to avoid leaving marks on the boat). If cold weather - maybe boots.
  • Documents: passport or your ID card (as we’re planning to go to the North sea)
  • Cushion/pillow/sheet/sleeping bag. If no sleeping bag - a warm blanket. (We will still verify if cushions are maybe available on the boat. If not - many sailors just put some soft clothes in a pillow and so get a cushion).
  • Sunglasses. Polarized are better. Even if not sunny there is a lot of reflection from the water.
  • Suncream. !!! The skin gets burnt quickly on the water, you don’t feel it with the wind.
  • Toiletries, towel


  • Lip balm.
  • Earplugs. If you’re sensitive to noise while sleeping, like water splattering or wind.
  • Motion sickness pills. If you know you’re sensitive to motion or unsure about your reaction to boat swinging. Also if you’re taking any medication regularly, don’t forget it.


  • Photo camera: it will be humid so ensure you protect your camera well.
  • Thermo mug might be a good idea to have your coffee/tea by hand. Although we will be making coffee/tea on the run.
  • Your favourite book/music
  • Are you playing guitar? Take it along or let me know - I’ll arrange one.

Pack your belongings in a soft bag, not in a hard case. You also can better take two smaller bags than one big one.

On board

On the boat there are 3 cabins for 2 persons each and 2 places in the salon. If you are joining the trip alone, count on sleeping close to somebody else if the crew is complete.

There is a fridge, stove, sink and warm/cold water. (Limited).

The boat has a toilet with manual flushing and a washstand . Most of marina’s have central facilities for toilets, showers and washstands so when at the marina it’s easier to use these central facilities. Electricity is available on the boat when when at marina’s, you can usually charge your phone at night. The boat is usually equipped with heating for the case it’s too cold.

Other topics to come: boat crews, food