Gifts for minimalist

Here’s a list of 10 things one might gift to a minimalist for their birthday or a special occasion. Minimalists look to gain experiences over items. The below reflect this notion, where many minimalists enjoy and appreciate even activities outside of our comfort zone.

  1. iTunes Gift Card - One of the best gifts so far. You can buy lot of different virtual goods with it including books, music, audiobooks, apps and even rent a movie. But be aware: You should check what store country the person is using, because the Euro card is not compatible with US iTunes store, as example.
  2. Amazon gift certificate - A similar product to the above, where books, audiobooks, and also real items can be bought. Same warning applies - know what store the person is using (.com or for example)
  3. Ticket. To a movie, or a concert or even museum. Something he/she can enjoy and learn from.
  4. Restaurant gift certificate The opportunity to visit an new or reputable restarant can add a new experience to the city in which we live or visit. I mean, we all need to eat, so why not enjoy new tastes?
  5. Spa or Massage gift certificate With the tension of the everyday on top of the activities we pursue, a day at the spa or a good massage is definitely appreciated.
  6. A ticket to activity or new experience like karting, kayaking, bowling, etc.
  7. A day travel ticket To another city or attraction for example.
  8. Food. A minimalist would prefer some consumables over things. An Apple pie or a bottle of wine as example.
  9. Course Every minimalist is looking to gain knowledge over items. Online courses that can be done in our own time can be one of the best, and most thoughtful, gifts.
  10. Nothing. A smile would be enought :)

Any better ideas?